Objectives of Courses

One of the main sources of foreign remittance earning in Bangladesh is from manpower export. Now skilled manpower has got a huge demand in Middle Eastern country and in Europe USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. Presently it is found that certified skilled technician on many field like construction, rod binding, house wiring, electrical and plumbing has got huge demand in outside world. To meet up this requirement and supply trained and acceptable certified technical and other skilled professional we have designed our courses and set up this technical training institute. Thus, the objectives set up for the courses are as under:

1. To provide institution based technical training in different employable trades.

2. To conduct formal, informal and special training.

3.To conduct trade test for Overseas Employment.

Employment Initiative

This institute strives to pursuit the development for the skill for employment initiative. Our employment initiative aims to support and build to produce technically skilled person and a stronger economy. A skilled workforce will strengthen the foundation of community’s social stability as well as improve the businesses and industry sectors. Foreign employee need approved certification for the skilled person. So we intent to train them (potential student) for 6 months long technical courses (as per present course curriculum) and they can get the certificate from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) which is officially recognized by Bangladesh Government. This will help the student for international employment.

Professional Approach

This institution provides professional approach in selecting manpower in order to ensure development of human resources at its best. It is a full-fledged training institute. It will provide various training to develop the skills and language proficiency. The institute will also cater training according to specific requirement of employer upon special request. All trade training activities will divide into practical and theory classes. Trainee’s daily and weekly performances are recorded and maintained in a comprehensive database and their performances are informed to the individual time to time. Trainees will undergo a series of lectures to ensure that it provides a solid theoretical foundation in the skills that they are being trained in. Once the basics will be covered then it’s on to the intensive practical sessions whereby they will be guided and supervised by their instructors and supervisors. Most of the instructors and supervisors have had several years of working experience in their own field. To further enhance the training, simulated assessments for both the theoretical aspects and practical exercises will be conducted for our trainees to ensure maximum readiness for any tests.

The End Goal

The challenge now the developing countries like Bangladesh is facing is how to improve the quality of training and individual skills on technical / vocational training and access to the Middle Eastern, European and American market. By targeting those countries the strong technical and vocational education and training programs with solid links to the labor market will contribute to reduction of unemployment. At the same time it will improve social stability, poverty alleviation, and sustainable economic development. This institute aims at strengthening the private vocational training and will provide integrated support to the development of active job market. Thus, end goal of the skills for employment initiative is to reduce poverty and inequity effectively in the society and also contribute in achieving a marked progress in manpower export of Bangladesh.

Future Prospects of Qualified Students of TTTI

TTTI has planned following welfare program for the qualified students of TTTI:

a. Effort will be made for qualified students to give opportunity to work in Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) in different shops. This will help them to test their acquired theoretical and practical knowledge on ground. This will also act as “On the job training” for them. The students will also be given limited remuneration for their labor if employed in BMTF production shops.
b. The institute will look for the avenues and opportunity for employment at home and abroad through different man power exporting agencies.
c. Effort will also be made to provide financial support / assistance from Trust Bank Ltd for the students who will get opportunity to go abroad for employment.
d. Effort will also be made for students who are ready to go for entrepreneurship / establishing workshop for providing assistance / loan from Trust Bank Ltd basing on the viability of their project.
e. Qualified students will be also be given preference for job in the organizations run by Army Welfare Trust.